How Africa can Improve its Economic Status

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5 min readJun 8, 2020

Detailing my hopes and dreams for the mother continent

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Despite being the largest mineral producing continent in the world. Africa remains one of the poorest and least developed continents. This seems rather ironic and has been deemed as the curse of the riches by many. As I reflect on a typical day in Harare, Zimbabwe, a country that was previously known as the bread basket of Africa. I can’t help but shed a tear.

A typical day in Harare involves waking up to no water in taps, travelling on heavily potholed roads and then queuing in a bank queue only to be told that the bank has no cash available.

Considering Africa’s potential and its vast wealth in natural resources; a stark contrast can be drawn to the realities in which people are actually living as illustrated above. Having experienced the difficulties of life and living in Africa, I am determined to be Africa’s solution or at the least a part of the solution to Africa’s problems. As a young person, I envision Africa as a developed continent and a key player in world economics and politics. To have the African voice matter is essential and that is why I write about my hopes and dreams for the continent. I have hope that one-day Africa can and will be great. The key to the Africa achieving success and status as a continent is largely dependent on the continents ability to utilize its youth in establishing fresh ideas to put Africa on the map and domestic resource mobilization.

Africa has a significantly large youth population, this may be considered a disadvantage by many as it creates a dependency burden. However, a young population may provide the continent with great opportunities. This is because the African youth population can form the driving force of new technological changes and provide a diverse mindset that could provide solutions to many of Africa’s socio-economic problems. Investing in the youth population is key to creating the Africa we want. We are often told that education is the key to a better life however, at the present moment African youth utilize education as the key to a better life outside Africa. There is significant brain drain within the continent as a large portion of Africa’s talented and educated youth leave the continent in search of greener pastures in more developed countries. The…

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