History’s most dangerous fashion and beauty trends

There is no beauty without pain

WeWe have all heard this saying mainly because historically the quest for beauty has sometimes led to pain and sometimes even death. People have often gone to extremes to achieve beauty. …

Testing out Medium’s List Feature

Hi there,

Sometimes I write about love and relationships, from coping with a talking stage break-up to dissecting racial nuances in the dating scene, I enjoy sharing my perspective on love, dating and relationships. We've all experienced it and we all understand the raw emotions associated with love. I’ve written a few articles about relationships and love and decided to put all of them in an easy to navigate Medium list.

So if you feel like going on a little reading rabbit hole, I’ve made it easier for you to find all the stories in the list below. Some stories like The Dark side of being an Independent Woman (included in the list) are divisive so feel free to add your comment and add to the conversation. I enjoy reading people’s perspectives.

The Kentler experiment: history’s most diabolical sexual experiment to date

HHelmut Kentler was a renowned German psychologist, sexologist, and academic. He advocated strongly for the decriminalization of sexual intercourse between adults and children, arguing that sex between adults and children could be beneficial for children. He also argued that incarcerating pedophiles did more harm than good for the children that…

Is it worth your time?

Hello everyone,

This is my first short-form post (well, almost short-form). I hope to use this feature as a way of engaging with fellow writers and learning more about their writing journeys. Today’s post briefly discusses Vocal. Have you written on the platform and if so what has been your…

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